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Evidence in the scientific community points to significant tensions in several key systems, in particular the interrelationship between energy, water and food systems and climate. This energy-water-food nexus or so-called "stress nexus" is under more pressure from the climate crisis caused by human activities on Earth, a period known as the Anthropocene.


Stress Nexus is a documentary and artistic exploration. A long-term project - in progress - aimed at researching, witnessing and documenting an important issue in times of climate change: the relationship between society and its geography, that is, with climate, natural resources, borders, sources of energy, food, cultural identities, economy and space, in a moment of complex transition that is also reflected in the daily lives of these societies that will suffer from climate change before they can adapt.


This project began in January 2018, focused on researching the memory and transition of a society that has an uncertain future - and which may not even exist in 50 years.


I have already visited some Latin American countries and in the coming months I will go to the Brazilian Amazon, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico.


I hope to conclude the first part of this project in 2020, with the launch of the photographic book "Stress Nexus - Latin American and Caribbean Chapter", where I hope to show the current state of art of our civilization and how we relate to nature to obtain the resources essential to life.